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The sponsor Miss M was born in Australia with Romanian descent. The Romanian communities in Australia are closely knitted.

Miss M met her fiancé through her Romanian friend who was living in Australia. They first communicated with each other by Facebook. At the beginning of their conversation, they talked about general topics like their future goals, values and beliefs, likes and dislikes, personal interests and family.

As time went by, their conversation got deeper and so did their interest for one another. They would spend hours talking to each other despite the time difference.

After a few months of communicating with each other, Miss M travelled to Romania to visit Mr E. This trip they got to know each other better and because they share the same values and religious, they relationship was approved by their parents and church members.

During this trip, Mr E also prepared a surprise proposal photo shoot to propose to Miss M. From that day onward, they both work toward the goal of getting married and be each other lifelong companion.

As soon as Miss M return to Australia, she has contacted ACM in regard to Mr E’s visa options. We advised her to submit a subclass 300 Prospective Marriage visa and started preparing for the visa application.

At ACM we aim to lodge a decision ready application so it helps the case officer to make a decision straight away rather than following up with additional documents that would delay the process.

In just 5 months, the prospective marriage visa was granted and the couple are overjoy and cannot wait to plan their wedding ceremony together in Australia.



澳大利亚的罗马尼亚小区往往关系密切。 M女士在她罗马尼亚朋友家里认识了她的未婚夫E。

E先生和M女士有着同样的宗教信仰,通过朋友介绍开始在face book聊天。


随着时间的流逝,他们的谈话内容涉及到更深层次,对彼此的感觉也越来越好。 尽管两个国家之间有时差,他们通常会花好几个小时聊天。

经过几个月的沟通后,M女士前往罗马尼亚访问E先生。 这次旅行让彼此了解得更清楚,他们的关系也得到了父母和教会成员的认可。

E先生还准备了一个惊喜,向M小姐求婚成功了! 从那天起,他们都朝着结婚的目标努力,并且认定对方就是终身的伴侣。

M女士一回到澳大利亚,就联系了ACM咨询有关E先生的签证问题。 我们建议她申请澳大利亚300预期婚姻签证,并开始了申请数据的收集和整理工作。

提交签证申请后的短短的5个月内,E先生的300签证就顺利通过了! 两个人都喜出望外,迫不及待地在策划俩人在澳大利亚的婚礼。



澳大利亞的羅馬尼亞社區往往關係密切。 M女士在她羅馬尼亞朋友家裡認識了她的未婚夫E。

E先生和M女士有著同樣的宗教信仰,通過朋友介紹開始在face book聊天。


隨著時間的流逝,他們的談話內容涉及到更深層次,對彼此的感覺也越來越好。 儘管兩個國家之間有時差,他們通常會花好幾個小時聊天。


E先生還準備了一個驚喜,向M小姐求婚成功了! 從那天起,他們都朝著結婚的目標努力,並且認定對方就是終身的伴侶。

M女士一回到澳大利亞,就聯繫了ACM咨詢有關E先生的簽證問題。 我們建議她申請澳大利亞300預期婚姻簽證,並開始了申請資料的收集和整理工作。

提交簽證申請後的短短的5個月內,E先生的300簽證就順利通過了! 兩個人都喜出望外,迫不及待地在策劃倆人在澳大利亞的婚禮。

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