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Ms C’s daughter was an international student in Perth studying year 10 and Ms C was on a guardian visa to accompany her daughter during her studies.

Ms C has a cousin in Perth and when she first came to Perth she did not know any one and her cousin had introduced a group of friends to her.

During a party Ms C met Mr Lee for the first time, Ms C was a very shy person so Mr Lee approached her and to made her feel welcome. Who knows this friendly approach was the beginning of a beautiful love story.

Mr Lee and Ms C exchanges their contact details and Mr Lee wanted to make Ms C to feel comfortable in a foreign country. He started showing Ms C around Perth and also taught her how to drive.

Both Ms C and Mr Lee been single for a very long time and they felt this relationship was definitely more than friendship. After spending time to get to know each other, they were sure about each other and they have make a commitment to each other by getting married.

Due to the condition on Ms C’s guardian visa, we could not lodge an application onshore. We advised Ms C and her daughter to depart Australia so we could lodge an offshore application.

The application was first allocated to a case officer in April 2017 requesting for character and medical documents. Mr Lee is a businessman and has often travel to China, he has stayed in China for more than 12 months in the last 10 years and needed to provide a police clearance from China.

Due to the fact that Chinese government would only issue police clearance to its citizen, there is no way Mr Lee could apply for one. After liaising with the case officer and getting a waiver from the Australian Embassy in Beijing, Ms C and her daughter got their visa granted their on 13 March 2018.

Processing time:

06.02.2017           Lodged Visa Application

13.03.2018           Visa Approval of primary and secondary applicants

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