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Ms Wang is a massage therapist and got granted her 457 visa 2 years ago under the high salary English exemption in the regional area. Ms Wang did not enjoy working in the remote area and started seeking employment in the metropolitan area in Perth.

Because of her skills, she got hired by another massage shop very quickly. However, during the process of preparing the nomination application, the department of immigration has announced major changes for the 457 visa application which panicked lots of people.

Our agents went through all the legislative requirements to make sure we could lodge a valid nomination for Ms Wang.

We worked together with the employer to provide all the information and legal submission to give the best representation for the application.

The employer and Ms Wang did not have high hope about getting the nomination through as all the new changes are against the application.

Our agents have worked very hard on each case and make sure each of our client obtains a high chance of success.

In just under four months, Ms Wang’s nomination was granted without further request.


王女士是一名按摩治疗师,2年前获得了偏远地区的高薪豁免英语的457年签证。 工作了一段时间后王女士决定到珀斯来发展,并开始在珀斯市区寻找新的工作单位。

由于她的技术娴熟,她很快被珀斯的一家按摩店聘请了。 等我们帮按摩公司拿到雇主资格后,随即做提名材料的时候,移民部宣布了有关457签证的重大改变。 我们提交提名材料后移民局又发布了更多恐怖的新政,包括雇主担保高薪豁免签证的取缔。 很多人对今年不断的签证新政感到了恐慌和不安。


我们对每个案件都很重视,尽最大努力争取最好的结果。 在提名通过之前,我们主动提供了很多补充的材料。




王女士是一名按摩治療師,2年前獲得了偏遠地區的高薪豁免英語的457年簽證。 工作了一段時間後王女士決定到珀斯來發展,並開始在珀斯市區尋找新的工作單位。

由於她的技術嫺熟,她很快被珀斯的一家按摩店聘請了。 等我們幫按摩公司拿到雇主資格後,隨即做提名材料的時候,移民部宣佈了有關457簽證的重大改變。 我們提交提名材料後移民局又發佈了更多恐怖的新政,包括雇主擔保高薪豁免簽證的取締。 很多人對今年不斷的簽證新政感到了恐慌和不安。


我們對每個案件都很重視,盡最大努力爭取最好的結果。 在提名通過之前,我們主動提供了很多補充的材料。



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