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Mr Lau was referred by one of our clients and first contacted us end of 2017. He studied at TAFE and is a qualified motor mechanic. As immigration policy and legislation are constantly changing, we advised him to apply for a subclass 187 Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme.

While he was studying English and trying to achieve the require score for the visa application, we started working with his employer at the same time in preparation for the application.

In mid-February 2018, after sitting for a couple of IELTS exams Mr Lau was unable to achieve the required score for the 187 visa. At the time, we changed our plan and suggested him to lodge a 457 application before the TSS comes into effect in March 2018.

We worked closely with the employer to make sure we have all the documentation that cover a 457 application. We managed to lodge a decision ready sponsorship and nomination application on 19th February and 26th February respectively.

In less than a month, both sponsorship and nomination applications were both approved on 22nd March without further information.

Processing time:

19.02.2018           Lodged Sponsorship Application

26.02.2018           Lodged Nomination Application

22.03.2018           Approval for Sponsorship and Nomination Application

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