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Mr Ong is a 457 visa holder working as a chef. He met his wife Carina through their mutual friend. Given their age and previous experience, they wanted to take things slow.

They would often catch up at each other’s place and Mr Ong would cook his signature dishes to Carina. After spending a few years together, they are sure that they are made for each other.

In September 2016, the couple got married and wanted to lodge a partner visa in Australia. Due to language barrier, they could only seek help from Chinese speaking agents. They have met a few other agents before coming to ACM.

They told our agent, no one was as dedicated as we were in listening to their story and providing them with information about the prospect and procedures of the application.

Even Mr Ong and Carina have been in a relationship for quite some time, but they did not keep any record regarding to their relationship. Our agent gave them an action plan on what sort of documents they should collected from that point onward till we lodge the application.

On 9th June 2017, we lodged the visa and sponsorship application, to our surprise the application was granted on 24th November 2017 just under 6 months which is much quicker than the published processing of 20 to 25 months.

When we notified Mr Ong of his visa grant, he couldn’t believe his visa got granted so quickly and he came to our office the next day with a gift basket to show his appreciation.

Below is the current processing time of Subclass 820/801:

Processing Time: 6 months
09.06.2017           Lodged Visa Application
24.11.2017           Approval of Subclass 820 Visa Application

又一位820澳洲境内配偶签证顺利通过! 恭喜马来王先生!!

过去几年他们经常在一起,王先生会把自己的招牌菜做给Carina品尝。 通过几年的交往,他们确信可以开始新的婚姻生活。

2016年9月,两位登记结婚了,随后计划在澳大利亚境内申请820配偶签证。 来访ACM之前,他们已经咨询了几家移民公司但是他们没有感到满意。。

虽然王先生和卡琳娜已经有了几年的恋爱关系,但他们并没有多少有效的关系证明材料或记录。 根据这个情况,我们给他们定制了准备材料的列表,一一指导每个环节需要准备和收集的数据,直到我们提交申请。

2017年6月9日,我们提交了签证申请。 仅仅过了6个月,2017年11月24日移民局就通过了签证申请,这比移民局公布的20~25个月的审批时间足足快了一年的时间!

王先生一家都感到很意外,为了表示感谢和惊喜之情,他们第二天特意买了一个花篮送到了我们公司。 看到他们全家开心,我们感到很欣慰。


通过ACM获得签证的时间: 6 个月
2017年11月24日,   签证申请得到了移民局的的批准



又一位820澳洲境內配偶簽證順利通過! 恭喜馬來王先生!!

過去幾年他們經常在一起,王先生會把自己的招牌菜做給Carina品嘗。 通過幾年的交往,他們確信可以開始新的婚姻生活。

2016年9月,兩位登記結婚了,隨後計畫在澳大利亞境內申請820配偶簽證。 來訪ACM之前,他們已經諮詢了幾家移民公司但是他們沒有感到滿意。。

雖然王先生和卡琳娜已經有了幾年的戀愛關係,但他們並沒有多少有效的關係證明材料或記錄。 根據這個情況,我們給他們定制了準備材料的清單,一一指導每個環節需要準備和收集的資料,直到我們提交申請。

2017年6月9日,我們提交了簽證申請。 僅僅過了6個月,2017年11月24日移民局就通過了簽證申請,這比移民局公佈的20~25個月的審批時間足足快了一年的時間!

王先生一家都感到很意外,為了表示感謝和驚喜之情,他們第二天特意買了一個花籃送到了我們公司。 看到他們全家開心,我們感到很欣慰。


通过ACM獲得簽證的時間: 6 個月
2017年11月24日,   簽證申請得到了移民局的的批准

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