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Ms W and Mr G were introduced by their mutual friend and they started communicating on social media in 2015. Ms W was working in Singapore at that time while Mr G was working in Perth. Both Ms W and Mr G take turn to visit each other in between their busy work schedule.

In September 2016, the couple decided they do not want to be apart anymore and wanted to lodge a partner visa in Australia so they can start a family while the application is being process.

As you know life is always full of surprises, Ms W found out that she was pregnant and the couple could not be more happy with the gift of God.

After careful consideration, the couple agreed and decided it is best for Ms W to go back to China as she would receive better care in China during her pregnancy as her family are all in China.

At ACM we always work together with our clients to make sure we can assist them even a change of plan.

Due to the fact that Ms W was in China, we lodged an offshore partner visa for her and coordinated with her during the entire application process.

On 20 March 2018, Ms W’s visa was granted and we wish her the very best in Australia.

Processing time:

22.12.2016    Lodged Partner visa application

20.03.2018   Visa Approval

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