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Ms A grew up in a remote village in Bangladesh and because of her hard work she got into one of the top university in Bangladesh. Upon the completion of her study, she took the opportunity to work for a non-government organisation in her area as an assistant to the Executive as a contribution to the community.

Ms A was involved in a lot of business decision making and human resources related tasks and that was the start of her growing interest in the business world. Ms A holds a Bachelor of Arts major in English and she felt that in order to make a career in the business world, she must study further to gain relevant knowledge.

Ms A always dreamt of studying aboard and she started searching and comparing different study options. At the end she has found ACM, our education agent listened to Ms A requirements and learning objectives and have given her some suggestions.

After Ms A decided on the course she wanted to study, we apply for the course on behalf of her and we also guide her in gathering all the requirement documents for admission and visa application.

As Bangladesh is consider as one of the high risk countries, we needed additional documentation to demonstrate Ms A and her spouse are genuine temporary entrant.

From course selection to visa application, our education and migration agents are there every step of the way for Ms A. Ms A and her spouse student visa applications were both approved in just under 3 weeks by the Australian High Commission in New Delhi without being request for further information.


We ACM wishes Ms A and her spouse a wonderful time in Australia.

Processing time:

25.05.2018           Lodged student visa application

12.06.2018           Visa Approval for main applicant and spouse

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