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300 Prospective
Marriage Visa
granted in 5 months
for Romanian Citizen

Subclass 500 Student Visa
Approval for a
Switzerland Client!

Dependent 485 visa
was approved
in just 30 days!

Subclass 602 Medical
Treatment Visa
granted to an
injured Working
Holiday visa holder.

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工作旅遊簽證 – 417 & 462类

Working and Holiday Visa & Work and Holiday Visa

Subclass 417 & 462

ACM Group澳洲移民代理

您需要一家值得信賴的公司幫您打理簽證問題嗎? 那麼您找對了我們 ACM Group.




對於417和462簽證有很多不同的叫法,有些人稱之為打工度假簽證,也有些人稱之為旅遊工作簽證或者工作旅遊簽證。 無論是哪種叫法其意思都是相同的。 持有該簽證的海外人士來到澳洲後不能在同一家公司或者同一個雇主工作超過半年。


不同之處 417簽證 462簽證
簽證名称 Working Holiday Visa(工作旅游簽證) Work and Holiday Visa(工作旅游簽證)
可申請的國籍 Belgium, Canada, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia,
Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong,
Republic of Ireland, Italy, Japan,
Republic of Korea, Malta, Netherlands,
Norway, Sweden, Taiwan, United Kingdom.
Argentina, Bangladesh, Chile, China,
People’s Republic of, Indonesia, Israel,
Malaysia, Poland, Portugal, Slovak Republic,
Slovenia, Spain, Thailand, Turkey, USA, Uruguay
可申請第二年簽證嗎? 可以
only if you completed three months of
specified work in regional Australia

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