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300 Prospective
Marriage Visa
granted in 5 months
for Romanian Citizen

Subclass 500 Student Visa
Approval for a
Switzerland Client!

Dependent 485 visa
was approved
in just 30 days!

Subclass 602 Medical
Treatment Visa
granted to an
injured Working
Holiday visa holder.

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The Resident Return Visa (Subclass 155 and 157) is for current or former Australian permanent residents and former Australian citizens who want to travel overseas and return to Australia as permanent residents.

Requirements for Subclass 155:

  • have spent a period totalling two years in the last five years in Australia as either an Australian permanent resident or citizen (the ‘residence requirement’).
  • have not spent two of the last five years in Australia as a permanent resident or citizen, but can satisfy the processing officer that you have substantial business, cultural, employment or personal ties of benefit to Australia

Requirements for Subclass 157:

  • have lawfully spent at least one day in the past five years in Australia
  • have spent less than two years in the past five years in Australia
  • have been a permanent resident or an Australian citizen for the entire period spent in Australia
  • can show a compelling and compassionate reason for having to leave Australia or, if you are outside Australia, for leaving when you did

Requirements for substantial ties of benefit to Australia:

  • Business ties
  • Cultural ties
  • Employment ties
  • Personal ties

Resident Return Visa (RRV) 155 & 157 Client Success Stories

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