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Mr R is an Indonesian businessman and he has recently set up his business operation in Perth. Mr R has visited Perth on many occasions for business meetings. Mr R found Perth the perfect destination for his 2 children to continue their studies. Beside the lifestyle and environment, Perth and Indonesia are only four and a half hours away by flight and with only 1 hour time difference.

Both Mr R’s children are studying in International school in Indonesia under the International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme. In Perth, only a handful of schools offer the IB Program and the International School of WA (ISWA) is a coeducational school which made it perfect for Mr R’s son and daughter to be able to study in the same school.  The two children are both under 18 and will require an adult guardian to look after them while they study in Australia.

Mrs R will be coming to Perth together with their 2 children and be their guardian to make sure the  children have a seamless transition from their Indonesian school.

Mr R got to know ACM from ISWA as we have previously handled some of the visa applications successfully for the school. As Mr R is a busy businessman, our registered migration agent provided him with a comprehensive checklist with all the required information for the student visa as well as the guardian visa.

During the visa application process, our agent also assisted the applicants with arranging documents translation and health insurance. All 3 visa applications were lodged on 14th May 2018 and all were granted on 11th June 2018 in just 4 short weeks.

Processing Time:

14/05/2018                         Lodged Student and Guardian Visa Applications

24/05/2018                         Request for Medicals

11/06/2018                         Visa Approval for Students and Guardian

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