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Miss S is an American, she loves travel and sports. She received the opportunity to come to Australia and play softball for UWA.

As she was new to the country, she started using a dating app with the intention of meeting new people in Perth. To her surprise she met not only a new friend but a soul mate, a companion that she could spend the rest of her life with.

As Miss S was only on a 1 year work and holiday visa, it was certainly not going to work out for the relationship. The couple both agreed that this is something special and their hearts have set for each other and they would do anything necessary to be together.

They then started looking for options for Miss S to remain in Australia. The couple came for a consultation, our agent explained to them their visa options, procedures and processing time.

The couple have made up their mind to get married and lodge the application onshore so they do not have to be apart with each other for a lengthy period.

At ACM, we prepare a tailor checklist for each applicant because we understand no one relationship is the same. We would listen to the couple love story and guide them to the right path in collecting all the correct evidence.

The application was submitted in January 2017 and the visa has been granted in just 10 month time.

Processing time: 10 months
19/01/2017         Lodged Partner visa online
20/11/2017         Visa application has been approved


S小姐是美国人,她喜欢旅游和运动。 她得到了一个机会来珀斯为西澳大学打垒球。

她刚到澳洲时,没有朋友,就开始上交友网站。 让她没想到的是,她不仅认识了一些朋友,还遇上了一个男孩并且发展成了男朋友。

由于S小姐的工作假期签证只有一年的期限,如果她回美国务必会影响俩人发展感情。 她俩都认定对方就是他们要相伴一辈子的人,决定想办法走到一起。

然后他们就开始考虑什么签证才能让S小姐留在澳大利亚。 他们找到了ACM,我们向他们说明了申请配偶签证的程序和审理时间。

这对年轻人听取了我们的意见。 俩人确定了结婚日期,并在澳洲境内申请820配偶签证,这样他们就可以不用分开。

在ACM,我们为每位申请人准备的数据清单是不同的,因为每一位的情况都不一样。 我们会聆听每一位的故事,指导他们收集正确的书面数据。


审批时间: 10 个月
19/01/2017         提交了签证申请
20/11/2017         申请顺利通过


S小姐是美國人,她喜歡旅遊和運動。 她得到了一個機會來珀斯為西澳大學打壘球。

她剛到澳洲時,沒有朋友,就開始上交友網站。 讓她沒想到的是,她不僅認識了一些朋友,還遇上了一個男孩並且發展成了男朋友。

由於S小姐的工作假期簽證只有一年的期限,如果她回美國務必會影響倆人發展感情。 她倆都認定對方就是他們要相伴一輩子的人,決定想辦法走到一起。

然後他們就開始考慮什麼簽證才能讓S小姐留在澳大利亞。 他們找到了ACM,我們向他們說明了申請配偶簽證的程式和審理時間。

這對年輕人聽取了我們的意見。 倆人確定了結婚日期,並在澳洲境內申請820配偶簽證,這樣他們就可以不用分開。

在ACM,我們為每位申請人準備的資料清單是不同的,因為每一位的情況都不一樣。 我們會聆聽每一位的故事,指導他們收集正確的書面資料。


審批時間: 10 個月
19/01/2017         提交了簽證申請
20/11/2017         申請順利通过

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