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Mr Tian and his wife came to Perth on a subclass 457. They applied for a subclass 186 after working for the sponsoring employer for 2 years.

Mr Tian and his wife have 2 children (19 and 15 years old) and they live in China while the couple were working in Perth. After Mr Tian got his Australian permanent residency, he wanted to reunite with his children in Perth and live together as a family.

Mr Tian came to our office to seek assistance with the child visa for his children. Our team have gone through what are required for the child visa and explained to Mr Tian about the dependency requirements for his 19 years old daughter.

We prepared all the submission and documents and lodged the visa application to the Australian Consulate General in Guangzhou. The visa applications for both children were granted in 12 months.

Processing time: 12 months
11.03.2015           Courier Application to the Australian Consulate General in Guangzhou
19.03.2015           Received acknowledgement letter from the consulate
22.01.2016           Submitted Health and Character documents to Case Officer
05.02.2016           Approval of Subclass 101 for both children
09.03.2016           Both children arrived in Perth, Western Australia

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