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Mr K is a 457 visa holder employed at a WA civil contracting company as a construction estimator. Mr K has been working with the same employer for more than 2 years and the company decided to sponsor him for a permanent visa.

Mr K’s employer contacted us and enquired about the criteria for the nomination and visa application. Mr K’s employer found us knowledgeable about employer sponsored visa and could explain complicated issues concisely.

Mr K’s employer engaged our services to handle their nomination and visa application. Our professional migration agent provided all the checklist and information to the employer and the visa applicant.

Mr K’s visa was granted after 6 months of lodgement and no further information was requested by immigration.


他的雇主找到了我们,了解了整个过程。 对我们律师的专业知识和简单明了的解释感到很满意,当场就委托我们ACM帮他公司和K先生做签证材料。



他的雇主找到了我們,瞭解了整個過程。 對我們律師的專業知識和簡單明瞭的解釋感到很滿意,當場就委託我們ACM幫他公司和K先生做簽證材料。


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