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Client B is a sous chef at a restaurant in Perth. The restaurant specializes in creating a contemporary tapas style meal experience as well as having a variety of wine and cocktails for diners to choose from.

Client B is a Thai national and she had completed her Diploma and Certificate in Hospitality in Australia.

Client B had worked in many different cafes and restaurants as a chef within Australia before joining her sponsoring employer. The management of the business wanted to sponsor Client B on a working visa because they know her experience and background would bring value to the business.

The business initially wanted to sponsor the client on a temporary working visa (subclass 457). However, there are some requirements could be met by the employer.

After discussing with the client and her employer, we suggested to them the best option for their situation would be a RSMS visa. Both employer and client took our advice and it took approximately 6 months for the nomination and visa to be approved.

Processing time: 6 months

28.01.2014       Submitted RCB to Migration WA
17.02.2014       Approval of RCB application
14.03.2014       Lodged Nomination Application
21.03.2014       Lodged Visa application
15.05.2014       Approval of Nomination Application
15.05.2014       Case officer requested for Health and Character documents
10.07.2014       Approval of Subclass 187 Visa

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