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Client O has been running a retail business in South Africa for 8 years before she and her partner decided to migrate to Australia.

She came to Perth last year to research the market and a potential business that complied with 188a visa conditions. She made an offer to purchase an oriental supermarket in Perth. Soon she started preparing the 188 visa application documents.

September 2015 she received the State Nomination Conditional Approval letter.

January 2016 was granted her Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional) visa (subclass 188). The normal processing time is about 12 months although in this case, approval was granted within 5 months of the application of State Nomination.

Now she is living in Perth with her daughter and passionate about her supermarket business.



下定决心之前她先跟家人到珀斯考察投资机会,最终选择了东方超市业务,理由是尽管经营的产品不同但都是零售行业。 回国后就开始准备签证申请材料。
15年9月收到了州政府提名信,16年1月就顺利获得了188A签证的获签信。 澳洲移民局官方公布的审理时间为12个月,但是翁女士的签证却在不到5个月就得到了批准。




下定決心之前她先跟家人到珀斯考察投資機會,最終選擇了東方超市業務,理由是儘管經營的產品不同但都是零售行業。 回國後就開始準備簽證申請材料。
15年9月收到了州政府提名信,16年1月就順利獲得了188A簽證的獲簽信。 澳洲移民局官方公佈的審理時間為12個月,但是翁女士的簽證卻在不到5個月就得到了批准。


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