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Ms Tan is a Singaporean and has been working as a Rehabilitation Counsellor for more than 5 years. She came to us for assistance with her skilled visa application. She wanted to lodge a subclass 189 independent skilled visa, however she was 5 points short from the pass marks.

Our migration agent suggested her to get a State sponsorship and apply for a subclass 190. By getting a sponsorship from the state, she would be awarded an extra 5 points which made her reach the pass mark.
Ms Tan took our advices and proceeded with the application. We first organised her skills assessment with the assessing authority and while we wait for the skills assessment to be processed, we gathered other required documentations.

Ms Tan has a long term partner and will be included in the application. We provided our guidance on how to demonstrate a de facto relationship that would meet the policy and legislation requirement of the department of immigration.

In about 6 weeks, we received a positive skills assessment from the authority and lodged the Expression of Interest with SkillSelect.

Once the expression of interest was submitted, we received an email through SkillSelect with a link to the WA State nomination application form. We completed the application and it was successful. SMWA nominated Ms Tan in SkillSelect and we receive an invitation from DIBP after 2 weeks.

After 2 months of visa lodgement, Ms Tan and her partner were granted their subclass 190 visa without being requested for further documentation.

 Processing time: 5 months
04.05.2016       Applied for Skills Assessment
17.06.2016       Received Positive Skills Assessment
21.06.2016       Lodged EOI
24.06.2016       Contacted by Skilled Migration Western Australia regarding State Nomination
05.07.2016       Approval of State Nomination Application
20.07.2016       Received SkillSelect invitation
22.07.2016       Lodged Visa Application
29.09.2016       Visa Approval for Subclass 190

谭小姐来自新加坡,在澳洲做了5年的康复辅导.她找我们帮她办理189独立技术移民签证,,但是我们评估后发现她的分数还差5分。 我们提议她做190技术提名签证,这样就可以多拿5分。

她有一位多年相处的男朋友,这次190签证也要把他包含在内.。 我们先帮她做了技术评估,同时收集并整理两位所有的材料。

6周后她的技术评估顺利通过,然后我们提交了EOI,两周后我们收到了邀请函.。2个月后谭小姐和她男友顺利拿到了190技术移民签证.。 两位都没有要求补材料,一次通过拿到了永居签证。


审批过程: 5个月
04.05.2016      申请了技术评估
17.06.2016       技术评估通过
21.06.2016       提交了 EOI
24.06.2016       提交了提名材料
05.07.2016       顺利通过了州政府提名
20.07.2016       收到了邀请函
22.07.2016       提交了签证材料
29.09.2016       获批190签证


譚小姐來自新加坡,在澳洲做了5年的康復輔導.她找我們幫她辦理189獨立技術移民簽證,,但是我們評估後發現她的分數還差5分。 我們提議她做190技術提名簽證,這樣就可以多拿5分。

她有一位多年相處的男朋友,這次190簽證也要把他包含在內.。 我們先幫她做了技術評估,同時收集並整理兩位所有的材料。

6周後她的技術評估順利通過,然後我們提交了EOI,兩周後我們收到了邀請函.。2個月後譚小姐和她男友順利拿到了190技術移民簽證.。 兩位都沒有要求補材料,一次通過拿到了永居簽證。


審批過程: 5個月
04.05.2016      申請了技術評估
17.06.2016       技術評估通過
21.06.2016       提交了 EOI
24.06.2016       提交了提名材料
05.07.2016       順利通過了州政府提名
20.07.2016       收到了邀請函
22.07.2016       提交了簽證材料
29.09.2016       獲批190签证

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