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Yun and Derick (fictitious names) met through a popular social app in late 2016.

They keep chatting every day and night since that time.

The more they spoke the more they found that they feel the same about lots of things. After chatting for a few months, Yun invited Derick to China to celebrate spring festival with her. Derick immediately accepted the invitation because it would be a great opportunity not only to meet Yun but also to see China.

When Derick arrived in China, he got to meet Yun’s family and was made to feel at home. Both of them hit it off immediately and became official couple. When Derick travelled back to Australia, Yun visited Derick in Perth. Their relationship was accepted by their family and friends and Derick proposed to Yun during this trip.

ACM has staff who speak different languages and made communication easy for Yun and Derick. During the application process, we keep the couple up to date about their application status and act promptly to any request if arise.

Processing time:

02.06.2017, Lodged Subclass 300 Visa application

04.07.2017, Subclass 300 Visa Approval for Applicant

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