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Client E was introduced to her Australian sponsor (Mr. M) from a mutual friend in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The couple committed to a shared life together to the exclusion of all others in September 2013. Due to visa issue and work commitment, the applicant and sponsor could not always live together.

While the couple were apart, they were committed to keep in touch with each other daily. They also travelled to Australia and Malaysia often to visit each other. In June 2014, marriage was discussed with the couples’ parents and their parents were overjoy and gave their blessings to the couple.

The couple were married in March 2015 in Burswood. The couple came to us in May 2015 to represent them for their subclass 309 Partner (Provisional) visa. The visa application was processed at the Australian High Commission in Kuala Lumpur. The visa application was approved after a short 4 months.

Processing Time: 4 months
15.06.2015                Lodged Visa Application
07.09.2015                Case officer requested for original overseas penal and biometrics
23.10.2015                Approval of Subclass 309 visa


马来西亚E女士是通过她的朋友认识了澳大利亚的M先生,他们在2013年的9月份决定走到一起。 因两人分居两地生活和工作,为了相处一段时间双方要经常飞往于马澳之间。 俩人想结束两地分居,2014年6月结婚登记,并于2015年的5月份在珀斯举行了婚礼。


15.06.2015       申请签证
07.09.2015       提交无犯罪记录和体检结果
23.10.2015       获批309签证


馬來西亞E女士是通過她的朋友認識了澳大利亞的M先生,他們在2013年的9月份決定走到一起。 因兩人分居兩地生活和工作,為了相處一段時間雙方要經常飛往于馬澳之間。 倆人想結束兩地分居,2014年6月結婚登記,並于2015年的5月份在珀斯舉行了婚禮。


15.06.2015       申請簽證
07.09.2015       提交無犯罪記錄和體檢結果
23.10.2015       獲批309簽證


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