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Mr R is an Australian citizen and he is married to a Filipino lady in 2016. They first engaged an agent in the Philippine to handle their partner visa application but that did not end well.

When Mr R returned to Australia, he has contacted our office regarding his wife and step-son application. During the consultation, Mr R mentioned he has been committed in criminal offence some years back which resulted in imprisonment. He was worried that could prevent him from sponsoring his wife and step son to Australia.

As new changes came into effect on 18th November 2016 on the limitations on approval of sponsorships for partner and prospective marriage visa applications. Our migration agents explained to Mr R about the changes and assured him that he could sponsor his wife and step-son.

We gathered all the paperwork for the partner visa as well as prepare submission regarding to Mr R’s offences. The visa application was granted without any issue relating to Mr R previous offences.

Mr R was overwhelmed with the result and cannot wait to be united with his wife and step-son in Australia.

Processing time: 10 Months
12.01.2017       Submitted visa application online
07.03.2017      Request for medical and character documents
16.11.2017       Approval of Subclass 309 visa for applicant and son


R先生是澳大利亚公民,他在2016年与一位菲律宾女士结婚。 他们首先聘请菲律宾的移民中介做他们的配偶签证申请,但办理过程很不愉快。

R先生回到澳大利亚后,他联系了我们咨询关于他的妻子和继子(妻子的儿子)的签证申请。 在咨询期间,R先生提到他在几年前犯了刑事罪,并且被监禁了一段时间。 因为这个记录,他很担心他无法担保他妻子和继子移民到澳大利亚。

2016年11月18日,移民局公布了对配偶签证的一些更改内容。 我们向R先生解释了这些变化,肯定他可以帮他的妻子和继子申请签证。





R先生是澳大利亞公民,他在2016年與一位菲律賓女士結婚。 他們首先聘請菲律賓的移民仲介做他們的配偶簽證申請,但辦理過程很不愉快。

R先生回到澳大利亞後,他聯繫了我們諮詢關於他的妻子和繼子(妻子的兒子)的簽證申請。 在諮詢期間,R先生提到他在幾年前犯了刑事罪,並且被監禁了一段時間。 因為這個記錄,他很擔心他無法擔保他妻子和繼子移民到澳大利亞。

2016年11月18日,移民局公佈了對配偶簽證的一些更改內容。 我們向R先生解釋了這些變化,肯定他可以幫他的妻子和繼子申請簽證。




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