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Ms F is a British national and she first met her New Zealand Citizen partner Ms S in 2014 while they were both working as radiation therapists in a hospital in Saudi Arabia.

Both girls had an immediate chemistry but were very hesitant due to the circumstance that homosexuality is punishable by death penalty in Saudi Arabia.

They tentatively began spending time together and developing into much more than friends. However they had to keep their relationship secret.

Fortunately, it was very easy for them to spend alone time together as they both lived by themselves in flats on the hospital compound.

After being dating for more than a year, the couple decided that they wanted to make a real go of their relationship and slowly began to tell their close friends.

In November 2015, Ms S’s mother fell ill and Ms S ended her contract in Saudi Arabia to go back to New Zealand to care for her mum while Ms F remained to finish her contract with the hospital.

While the couple were apart, they visited each other in New Zealand as well as England. They have also travelled on holiday to different countries.

In September 2016, Ms S got offered a job as a radiation therapist in Perth and she moved to Perth to take up the job.

When Ms F finished her contact at Saudi Arabia, she made a trip to Perth to visit Ms S and consulted with us about her visa options in Australia.

Our experienced migration agent advised her to apply for a working holiday visa so they did not need to be separated for too long and once she arrived we would assist her to lodge a subclass 461 New Zealand Citizen Relationship Visa.

After sorting out her affairs in England, Ms F came to Perth on a working holiday visa and we complied the 461 visa application for her.

Ms F found a job as a radiation therapist soon after she arrived but due to her working holiday visa conditions as well as the long 461 visa processing time, we have assisted Ms F on two different occasions to get work rights from immigration to work beyond 6 months with the same employer.


Processing time:

26.06.2017           Lodged subclass 461 visa application onshore

03.07.2017           Approval of Subclass 461 visa

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