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Client Y is referred by one of our previous clients.

He just graduated from TAFE with a Diploma in Hospitality and Certificate III and IV in commercial cookery. His initial plan was to apply for 187 employer sponsored visa but his IELTS score does not meet the English language requirement. He also does not qualify for a 457 visa because of his work experience. At end of the day, he only left with the option of 485 temporary graduate visa.

We started collecting his documents and organised for his skills assessment after he signed the agreement with us. After we lodged the visa application, it took only 2 months to have the grant notification from DIBP.

Processing Time: 2 months
10-Jan, signed contract
03-Feb, lodged 485 visa application
03-Feb, bridging visa granted
04-Apr, received health check email from immi office
13-Apr, 485 grant letter issued


李同学是我们公司的客户介绍委托我们为他办理签证的。 他在TAFE念完厨师专业后原打算申请187签证但因雅思成绩不够分数无法满足签证要求;457签证因其本人缺乏足够的工作经历而无法申请。


审批过程: 2个月
1月10日, 签约
2月3日, 提交了签证申请材料
2月3日, 同一天拿到了过桥签证
4月4日, 要求体验
4月13日, 获得485签证


李同學是我們公司的客戶介紹委託我們為他辦理簽證的。 他在TAFE念完廚師專業後原打算申請187簽證但因雅思成績不夠分數無法滿足簽證要求;457簽證因其本人缺乏足夠的工作經歷而無法申請。


審批過程: 2個月
1月10日, 簽約
2月3日, 提交了簽證申請材料
2月3日, 同一天拿到了過橋簽證
4月4日, 要求體驗
4月13日, 獲得485签证

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