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Ms C is from Switzerland and she made the decision of studying English in Australia because it would give her the most exposure of the language in an English speaking country. Ms C was referred by her friend who was a previous client of ACM Migration.

Our agent gave Ms C some study options to compare so she could pick one that suits her needs. Once she has decided on the course, we assisted her with the enrollment process with the chosen school and also did her student visa application.

Her student visa was granted in a month time without being asked for further information.


C女士来自瑞士,她决定在澳大利亚学习英语,因为在讲英语的国家会给她带来语言上的优势。 C女士是由我们的客户介绍过来的。 提交材料后仅一个月学生签就下来了,签证官没有补材料的要求。

我们公司给C女士提供了本地语言学校的名单和价格等信息,让她选择一家最适合她学习的学校。 她决定了课程,我们就协助她学校的入学过程,同时准备了学生签证的申请材料。



C女士來自瑞士,她決定在澳大利亞學習英語,因為在講英語的國家會給她帶來語言上的優勢。 C女士是由我們的客戶介紹過來的。 提交材料後僅一個月學生簽就下來了,簽證官沒有補材料的要求。
我們公司給C女士提供了本地語言學校的名單和價格等資訊,讓她選擇一家最適合她學習的學校。 她決定了課程,我們就協助她學校的入學過程,同時準備了學生簽證的申請材料。


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