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Ms. An had applied for Australian Tourist(visitor) Visa twice in the last 2 years through other agents. Her mother and younger brother are both Permanent Residents in Australia. She planned to visit her family, but unfortunately both applications were refused.

“I feel right with your company” Her mother said to us after she had a consultation at our office.

They were so nervous of the outcome since we lodged the visa application. Not long after the lodgement, Ms. An got a phone call from the Australian Embassy in Shanghai regarding her application. The next day she received her 12 months multi entry visitor visa .

“Thank you so much Edith! Without ACM we could not get this visa!” She emailed us. Her mother also rang our office to express their happiness.



“我对你们公司感觉很好,很对。” 她母亲到我们公司面谈后跟我们讲了她对我们公司的感受。


接到案子后我们做了详细而全面的材料,提交申请后不久安小姐就接到了上海澳领事馆的电话。 通完电话后的第二天她就顺利拿到了获签信。 签证官没有要求我们补充任何材料。

用安小姐的原话讲:你们ACM太厉害了! 之前两次都被拒签,你们一做就通过了。 谢谢你们!



“我對你們公司感覺很好,很對。” 她母親到我們公司面談後跟我們講了她對我們公司的感受。


接到案子後我們做了詳細而全面的材料,提交申請後不久安小姐就接到了上海澳領事館的電話。 通完電話後的第二天她就順利拿到了獲簽信。 簽證官沒有要求我們補充任何材料。

用安小姐的原話講:你們ACM太厲害了! 之前兩次都被拒簽,你們一做就通過了。 謝謝你們!

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