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Client C came to us in April 2014 while she was visiting Perth. Our experienced migration agent have explained to the client what are required for their situation. Due to her tourist visa conditions, client C could only remain in Australia for a maximum 90 days at a time. The majority of the work were done by emails between the client and the migration agent.

After submitting all the supporting documents, the case officer still came back and requested for further information to prove the genuineness of the relationship. Client C was very anxious about the outcome as she had already provided every piece of evidence that she had to immigration.

At the end, the case officer approved the application with just an updated submission that was prepared by our migration agent.

Processing time: 15 months
29.12.2014       Lodged visa application
21.10.2015       Received notification from immigration that the application has been transferred to DIBP Perth
25.02.2016       Case officer requested for Character documents and relationship documents
01.04.2016       Approval of Subclass 820 Visa


为了申请澳洲配偶签证,加拿大的Catherine女士是在2014年4月份持旅游签证抵达珀斯,并开始找移民公司咨询。 在面谈的时候我们跟她和她男友讲了配偶签证的相关事项和审批步骤。


材料提交后到获得签证的等待期间,签证官要求补充进一步的材料来证明俩人关系的真实性。 我们收集并整理了最新发展的关系材料,一年多紧张等待好消息的Catherine终于等到了她梦寐以求的澳洲配偶签证!


29.12.2014       提交了申请材料
21.10.2015       得到申请材料转接到珀斯 DIBP 的通知
25.02.2016       签证官要求提供无犯罪记录和进一步的关系证明
01.04.2016       收到820签证获签信


為了申請澳洲配偶簽證,加拿大的Catherine女士是在2014年4月份持旅遊簽證抵達珀斯,並開始找移民公司諮詢。 在面談的時候我們跟她和她男友講了配偶簽證的相關事項和審批步驟。


材料提交後到獲得簽證的等待期間,簽證官要求補充進一步的材料來證明倆人關係的真實性。 我們收集並整理了最新發展的關係材料,一年多緊張等待好消息的Catherine終於等到了她夢寐以求的澳洲配偶簽證!


29.12.2014       提交了申請材料
21.10.2015       得到申請材料轉接到珀斯 DIBP 的通知
25.02.2016       簽證官要求提供無犯罪記錄和進一步的關係證明
01.04.2016       收到820簽證獲簽信


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