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Mr. S and Ms. N are both from the UK and they went to high school together back in the 80s. Mr.S and Ms. N lost contact when they both went on to further education but renewed their acquaintance with the advent of Facebook.


In early 2015, the couple began chatting regularly on Facebook and reminiscing about their time in High school. One day N asked if S would like to have a chat over the telephone and that was the beginning of them talking to each other regularly on the telephone.

During the conversation, Ms. N invited Mr. S to come out to visit her in Australia and to stay at her place. S arrived in Perth in mid 2015 and they subsequently began a relationship, during this trip he got to meet her sons and friends in Australia.

After visiting N for a few times in Perth, the couple decided to live together on a permanent basis. As Ms. N has children who are studying and moving back to the UK was not an option so they determined that Mr. S would move to Australia in order to make this relationship work.

Because Ms. N was not legally divorce at the time and it was tricky for the couple to handle the application on their own. The couple felt confident after meeting our agent and signed up immediately after the first initial consultation.

The application went smoothly and was granted on 26 March 2018.

Processing time:

18.04.2017           Lodged Partner Visa Application

26.03.2018           Visa Approval

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