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Ms S and D met one another back in 2008 where they were both working in Singapore. As they came from the same country and were working together, they spent a lot of time with each other and their friendship grew very quickly.

As time goes by, they knew their relationship between them was definitely more than just friendship. They have chosen each other to be partner knowing this road may not be smooth sailing. Despite the hardship, Ms S and D work hard together for their future and they decided to go to Australia where they can settle down and be open about their relationship.

Both Ms S and D came to Perth to study and eventually Ms S has gotten her permanent visa to remain in Australia. Ms D was also working toward the goal of getting her permanent visa, but the constant changes with immigration policies have left Ms D without any skilled visa options.

After consulting with ACM, the couple took the advice and began the process of a same-sex de facto partner visa. Ms S and D were a bit uneasy when talking about their relationship at first, but our migration agents assured the couple their information will be kept strictly confidential.

At ACM, we are experienced in dealing with same-sex partner visa application and we understand the sensitivity issues especially when clients are from conservative background.

Ms D got her visa approved in 10 months and they couldn’t be happier to finally make some permanent plans in Australia.

Processing Time:

16.06.2017           Lodged Subclass 820 Visa Application

06.04.2018           Visa Approval

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