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Student Visa Approval for TAFE Course Applicant

Kevin is a Malaysian citizen, his sister and brother are also living in Perth. He came to Perth on a tourist visa and really enjoyed the lifestyle and wanted to experience the Australian life for a bit longer.

Kevin worked as a property negotiator for 6 years before he came to Australia for a holiday. During his past work experience, he attended lots of events that were organised by the company he worked for to sell and launch their product and services. Throughout all these years, Kevin had developed an interest in how an event is put together.

Our agent advised him to enrol for a Certificate III in Event in TAFE which will allow him to gain knowledge and skills to provide vital support to ensure successful events. The duration of the Certificate III is 6 months, that will give Kevin enough time to experience Australian lifestyle also learn new skills from a reputable institution before he kicks start his new career back home.

Processing time: 1 month

24.05.2018           Lodged Student Visa Application

26.06.2018           Approval of Student Visa

Student Visa Approval for Nursing Student

Ms C was referred to ACM by her sister-in-law who is an existing client. When Ms C first contacted us she was in distress because her husband’s student visa got cancelled at the airport when they arrived back to Perth from their holiday. Her husband was not allow to enter Australia and was send back home.

Ms C was a dependent on her husband’s student visa and she enrolled to study nursing at ECU in semester 2, 2018. She explained about her situation to the immigration officer at the airport and the officer allow her to enter Australia and advised her to lodge a new student visa application with delay.

As soon as Ms C contacted us, we started the paper work for her student visa immediately to avoid her dependent student visa being cancelled. We lodged her visa application on 25th May and the next day she received a visa cancellation letter from immigration notifying her dependent student visa has been cancelled due to operation of law.

Ms C became an unlawful citizen due to the visa cancellation and we acted quickly to assist her in applying for a bridging visa E so she could remain in Australia lawfully while waiting for her student visa to be finalised.

Just under a month, Ms C’s student visa is approved and she can continue her study as planned.

Processing time: 1 month

25.05.2018           Lodged Student Visa Application

25.06.2018           Approval of Student visa

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