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Ms P is Nepalese who studied her master degree at Curtin University. Upon her completion, she has contacted ACM to handle her 485 graduate visa application. While we were processing the application, Ms P was also seeking advice on how to bring her same-sex partner from Nepal on a 485 Subsequent Entrant visa.

Ms P was born biologically a female and have gender dysphoria. She has undergone some surgical procedure as well as other treatment as part of the gender transition.

At the moment, same-sex marriage is not legalized in Nepal and like many other Asian countries, Nepal is a country that is socially conservative. Due to the nature of the society, Ms P could not physically live together. Our experienced migration agent has gone through the policy and legislation and assured Ms P, she has a strong case for her partner after assessing their relationship.

Our migration agent guided Ms P and her partner every step of the way in collecting all the information they need for the visa application. We lodged the application on 16 February 2018 and the visa was approved on 16 April 2018 without requesting any information for the de facto relationship.

 Processing time:

16/02/2018         Lodged Subclass 485 visa application

16/04/2018         Visa Approval

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